Early handover of Communal Grounds recommended

Life Property Management is known to be proactive and with now only three months remaining before the commencement of the next landscape growing season, it is good working practice to ensure, that any open space soft landscaping is handed over to the property management company or, defect planting/remedial work is completed during January, February and March.

Taking this approach can often avoid longer term additional costs and at the same time improve the service delivery to your clients.

Delays cost in the long term 

There have been scenarios where the common area landscaping has not been addressed before the growing season. As a result, the request for handover occurs mid-summer and the cost of preparation work to achieve handover is substantially increased. 

The commencement of the growing season can, without the inclusion of sufficient specifications for maintenance in place, lead to open space areas being overgrown, as well as planting and grass which is dying appearing cosmetically poor. 

Handover to lpm at earliest opportunity 

This is why at lpm we encourage early handover of any areas, which are prepared and ready for property management maintenance. 

Our business development team are available to assess developments and phases and you can contact us at directors@lpmonline.co.uk 

Check out our Top FAQ’s on Communal Grounds Maintenance for more information.

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