Life Property Management - Contractor Service Level Agreements

At lpm we have a wide contractor base and we take pride in working with our contractors to ensure that they continue to perform to the highest possible standard at minimum cost to our Clients. 

Our core service contractors are bound by Service Level Agreements (SLA) and are obligated to adhere to our requirements when working at our developments.  The purpose of the SLA is to ensure that contractors are safely undertaking works as per our specifications.  Contractor performance is monitored by our Estates Managers and any breach is brought to the immediate attention of the contractor, to rectify as quickly as possible.

In order to assist contractors, our Estates Managers meet with them at the development, to discuss concerns and help the contractor identify and address issues quickly and efficiently. 

In the event that a contractor is not performing to the requirements of the SLA, the Estates Manager will allocate a realistic time period for the contractor to address any concerns. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the contractor's contract.

Contractor Reports and Specifications are available to view at My lpm

Should you wish to access Contractor Reports and Specifications for your development, please register or log on at My lpm

Client feedback

Although lpm Estates Managers attend each development on a monthly basis we do also rely on feedback from homeowners.  In the event that a potential concern is identified, and action is needed, please contact our office to discuss it with your dedicated Estates Manager.

Communication and transparency

Communication and transparency are key to successfully managing a development and when problems arise, these actions ensure we effectively manage the situation to the satisfaction of all concerned parties. 

lpm at all times, work with contractors in the best interests of Clients. 

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