Communal Maintenance Liability

Communal Maintenance Liability

As Managing Agents, Life Property Management are regularly asked by homeowners,"Where does a proprietor’s liability start and stop?" 

When buying a property, the purchaser’s Solicitor should review the Title Deeds to ensure a clear understanding of what the purchaser is liable for, under the Property Management (Factoring) Agreement.

Some properties under the management of lpm require more maintenance than others. At lpm, we rely on Developers or Residents Associations to clarify what maintenance is required, to ensure that an accurate ‘estimated service charge budget’ is prepared.    

Examples of types of developments lpm manage, as well as the relevant services we provide, are detailed below.

General Apartment Contracts

  • Communal Buildings Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Communal Energy Supplies
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • External Lighting Supplies (Non Adopted)
  • Communal Cleaning
  • Fire Safety Maintenance
  • Water Pump Maintenance
  • Legionella Maintenance
  • General Repairs (Common Parts)
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Roof Anchor Maintenance
  • Lightening Conductor Maintenance
  • Winter Maintenance (Grit)

Open Space (Houses) Contracts

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • External Lighting Supplies (Non Adopted)
  • External Repairs to Common Parts (Non adopted roadways/drains, lighting columns) 
  • Winter Maintenance (Grit)


Legal Provision

There are many services which lpm must legally provide under the clause of the Deed of Conditions, including construction specifications and Health & Safety Executive requirements and it is imperative that we adhere to these requirements.

Annual General Meeting

Should a development be fully complete, our Estates Manager can call an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and examine existing specifications, with a view to making changes, should proprietors wish to do so.   During such meetings, proprietors can also discuss how lpm proactively retender service contracts. Our clients always have a voice and involvement when it comes to amending specifications and retendering contracts.

At a recent AGM proprietors agreed by majority to amend their communal cleaning frequency, to help reduce costs.   This may be considered a nominal change, but it was one which was agreed by a majority of proprietors.    It is important that lpm clients understand they have the decision making power. Proprietors should take the opportunity to attend these evening meetings to discuss communal matters and work with lpm and other proprietors to effect change.

Some existing services need to remain in place and it is important our clients understand the reasons for this. Our designated Estates Managers will always take time to fully explain.

Contact your Estates Manager for more information. 

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