David Reid embraces Presidency of PMAS

David Reid President PMAS

Life Property Management have been involved with Property Managers Association Scotland (PMAS) for many years, influencing and implementing change and improving the property management industry in Scotland.  

David Reid, Managing Director of Life Property Management Limited, has served on the Association’s Board of Directors since 2012 and having fulfilled his brief as Vice President over the past two years, has been inaugurated as the Associations’ President.  David is now firmly at the helm and with his determination and passion, he is keen to continue the progress that has been made in distinguishing PMAS as an organisation, recognised by credible corporations and individuals. 

Throughout his tenure, David has been integral to the success of the Association’s operational and technological restructure and development, including investment in the appointment of an operational CEO and management accountant, the development of an interactive website and members’ portal along with the creation of a marketing and events management team. This extended operational structure strengthens the Association’s existing overt professionalism that is underpinned by exceptional knowledge.

David said of his new role, “PMAS has the industry’s most experienced and professional operators involved in its operation and these individuals are working together with professionals, politicians and Scottish Government personnel, to achieve the same goals in addressing the important issues which affect our industry today. 

PMAS is now being listened to more than ever before and as such we are being afforded the platforms from which we can help influence, change and improve. The Association is currently actively involved with:

  • ‘Tenements Maintenance Working Group’ at the Scottish Government
  • ‘Strengthening Fire Safety for High Rise Consultation’ at the Scottish Government
  • The Institute of Residential Property Management – Training platforms
  • The First Tier Tribunal

This critical involvement will attract more individuals to listen, organisations to join, organisations to provide sponsorship creating stakeholder partnerships where their brand can be seen.

But, PMAS has the strength to achieve a lot more. This is a business that has the ability to support all of our businesses. The world is changing; the industry is changing and we can no longer rely on one or two larger organisations being forced to take the lead. It is a team of the large and small making a difference.

At PMAS, we would encourage individuals and organisations large or small to join us.”

Never believe that a few caring people cannot create change, for indeed that is all who ever have.” Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist. 

About Property Managers Association Scotland Limited 

PMAS is the leading trade body in Scotland representing 34 of the commercial sector factors and 3 ‘not for profit’ / RSL’s. Members include some of the country’s largest factoring companies and the total housing stock with communal property interests represented is 213,000. The association promotes high standards and operational best practice within the property factoring industry, providing members with advice on legislation and regulation, vocational training and professional qualification. PMAS actively engages with the Scottish Government and other agencies on matters relating to property law and heritable property in Scotland.

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