Grounds Maintenance - The growing season is here!

Finally! Spring is here and we are fast approaching the summer months. The growing season officially commenced on 1st April.

Our appointed landscaping contractors are geared up for the warmer weather, which means that they will be present at most developments every 2-3 weeks (weather dependent) undertaking grounds maintenance services, such as grass cutting, weed spraying, hand weeding, summer pruning etc.

We have information available for our clients which explains the growing season and what the majority of our clients should expect from landscapers during this period.   To review this information please visit our website at The information is available in the ‘About Factoring’ section.

Woodland Mix

Due to several newly constructed developments being managed by lpm in 2019, we wish to offer specific advice regarding newly planted shrubbery in larger areas which is commonly known as Woodland Mix.   Woodland Mix shrubbery is initially small shrubbery planted to eventually cover a vast area.   Naturally, woodland mix shrubbery takes a minimum of 3-5 years to establish and create ground cover.  Until this takes effect, our landscapers are instructed to merely spray the beds and remove weeds to keep the area tidy. This happens two to three times during the growing season. 

Estates Managers' assessments

Our Estates Managers are visiting developments on a regular basis and will be working closely with our grounds maintenance contractors to ensure that all landscaping works are undertaken to the highest possible standards, over the forthcoming months.  This is also an opportunity for our landscapers and Estates Managers to assess shrubbery with a view to considering undertaking additional planting works if required.   The assessments are generally carried out between now and May and prices are then obtained to plant new species of shrubbery, which in our climate, we usually plant bare root shrubbery, as this is more robust and can sustain our weather conditions.   This planting is usually undertaken between November and February of each year.   This may be considered at your development and if so, information will be communicated on My lpm.

Summer pruning

Pruning requirements are determined based on the type of shrub, hedge or tree. Summer pruning is usually carried out between the end of July and mid-August and winter pruning is carried out between November and February.  This is very much dependent on the type of vegetation as well as the outside air temperature. 

Landscaper checklists and inspection reports

Look out for your appointed Landscaper checklists, along with your dedicated Estates Manager's Quarterly Inspection Report, on My lpm. This information will help clarify what to expect from standard maintenance visits and any additional proposed work your Estates Manager may be considering. 

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