Understanding property management and factoring

At Life Property Management we encourage our clients to provide both positive and negative feedback in relation to all aspects of our service delivery.  In doing so, we find that much of the negative feedback received, is from homeowners who have never previously experienced property management and factoring of their home.

Many homeowners, such as those downsizing or buying for the first time, either receive too much information from their solicitor at the time of purchase that the property management message is diluted, or as is often the case, the solicitor provides such inadequate information that the homeowner is left uninformed.

On many occasions a purchasing solicitor does not pass their client’s details to a factor and the first time the client becomes aware of the costs associated with property management, is when they receive a demand for payment. This is never the best start to the association between the homeowner and the property manager and it takes time to recover and build the relationship.

As an organisation lpm are working hard to address these issues by publishing information videos at our website providing homeowners with the essential information they need to understand and fulfil their responsibilities for their property and the management of their development.

lpm are also campaigning at a government level to improve the information flow and dialogue between purchasing solicitors and their clients, in relation to property management and factoring.

At lpm it is important to us that our clients have a full understanding of property management and factoring and to ensure this we provide many different points of reference. To learn more, check our website, have your questions answered at Residents FAQs, or view Life Video – lpm Doing it the right way for further information.

You can also read what our clients are saying at client reviews.

lpm Doing it the right way

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