The Factoring Journey

Doing it the right way is important at lpm and communicating with our clients on important issues helps achieve this.

As well as providing documented information, we publish short information videos at our website giving you the opportunity to learn about the different elements of the Factoring Journey, including how we actively work in the best interests of our clients.  

Every client perceives the Factoring Journey differently and at lpm we go that extra mile to ensure our customers are fully aware of maintenance responsibilities.  

Estates Manager - Development Visits

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we suggest, that should the tools and resources we offer be insufficient, sometimes a face to face discussion is all that is required.

Our Estates Managers routinely visit our developments to undertake maintenance inspections and meet with homeowners during these visits.

Schedule a meeting with your Estates Manager at

Understanding factoring responsibilities and commitments is in the best interest of all parties and this can better be achieved working together.

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